Exam 2


Instructions for Exam 2

Tomorrow 10/21, Exam 2 will open online as early at 0800 am. You will have 60 minutes to take the exam, 50 questions. Please be sure you have efficient internet access and complete the test once you start it. The exam will reopen at 1200-1245 for your review, and I will be available online to answer any questions about the exam at that time. If you need to travel for afternoon lab courses, please make plans accordingly, as the exam will not be reopened for review. You may start the exam any time between 0800 and 1000, to allow you to test during the time that best fits your schedule. Happy studying! I know you will do well.

The course schedule/outline has been updated to reflect the plans for the upcoming weeks. It was a very close vote, with the final decision for the exam to be online November 25. We will have face-to-face class on November 18. Please remember we have changed the order of content slightly to allow for our guest lecturer on November 4. Email for questions!

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