First Week Online!

Hello! Welcome to our first virtual week.

Keep an open mind!


Please email me if you have concerns, questions, or just want to check in. There are a number of items to complete this week, so strategize where your time is spent and how best to meet the activities. I hope you find the VoiceThread activity fun and engaging. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about your adventures on our virtual field trip.

The ATI medical-surgical comprehensive practice test has been postponed until next week. It is due by Wednesday next week 9/23. This is done in an effort to give you some self-evaluation about the medical-surgical comprehension test areas to allow for extra focus on areas of weakness, and to work as an initial evaluation prior to the proctored exam later in the semester.

See you soon!



Back to School

school-supplies-488381_1280 Back to nursing school!

Welcome back. Thank you for your patience and active listening in class this week. Email me if you have any questions or difficulties with CI Keys. I will be syndicating you over the next few days, so look for your posts in the student blogs soon. Next week we will discuss case management models and then jump to Cardiovascular and Hemodynamic Monitoring.

As promised, here are a couple of CI Keys sites created by students from the past graduating class:

Jenna Fordis

Robert “Bobby” Martinez

Cindy Mathes

Stephanie Lepas

The google doc for the Group Project collection of NCLEX style questions is created and available under the instructions for the group project

Have a great weekend.


Welcome to Nursing 420

Hello Students,

I am looking forward to our next few months together as we dive into critical care, complex concepts of patient care. We will meet on the Goleta campus Wednesdays from 10:00 – 12:50 pm. This is a blended course, so we will not meet face to face every Wednesday, but you will be expected to be available during our class time for online exams or activities. Please bring your laptops or tablets to class this week, so I can help get you oriented and set up for some of the technology we will use to keep you engaged in learning this semester. Browse around our course site, and save it to return to in coming days to weeks. Check out About the Course and the Syllabus to get started.

This is our course web address:

I look forward to meeting you Wednesday!