Week 6: Just Keep Breathing

Module 3

This module covers Week 5 and 6 covering Pulmonary Diseases, Respiratory Failure and Airway Management.

At the end of this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe acute and chronic cardiac conditions including pathophysiology, presenting signs and symptoms, etiology and contributing factors, sequelae and progression, and goals of nursing management
  • Compare and contrast acute versus chronic disease illness related to the respiratory system and pulmonary function
  • Identify key nursing management strategies for patients with pulmonary diseases and respiratory failure
  • Categorize appropriate nursing care planning (assessment, diagnosis, goals, interventions, evaluation) related to the patient with pulmonary diseases and respiratory failure

Required Reading

  • Morton Chapters 10, 15-17
  • Critical Care Nurses’ Role in Implementing the “ABCDE Bundle” into Practice by Bales, et al. (2012)

Classroom Learning Activities

  • Career Center Information (Patty Dang via Skyscape) No Show! :(
  • Lecture and Discussion
  • Class Activity – Being on a Ventilator
  • Patient Perspective of ICU Delirium
  • COPD Real Life ATI – Case Study Review

Classroom finds in discussion:

Acid-Base Tutorial

What is mechanical ventilation?



In clinical, what are you seeing related to sedation vacation and collaboration with Respiratory Therapists? What is ideal? What is standard practice? What medications are you seeing in the clinical setting for sedation? What tools are used to determine the infusion rate? Think about these concepts, and blog about your thoughts ….

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